My name is Steve House; I am a climber. 

I am also a husband and father. I am a mountain guide, and the author of four books. 

I speak to groups of all sizes about climbing mountains and all that has taught me.

I co-founded and co-operate a non-profit organization to mentor young climbers to safely become better alpinists. 

I coach climbers to greater fitness so that they can achieve their own goals. 





The simpler you make things,

the richer the experience becomes.






"Within alpinism's narrow framework we seek transcendence and relentlessly pursue what remains hidden from us on flat ground: our true selves."

-Beyond the Mountain




Vince Anderson during the first ascent of the Central Pillar of the Rupal Face. Nanga Parbat 2005.

Steve House, Charakusa Valley skyline, Karakoram Range, Pakistan.

In January 2012 my wife Eva and I started Alpine Mentors.


Alpine Mentors promotes alpinism by encouraging, coaching and climbing with technically proficient young alpinists who aspire to climb the world's greatest mountains in a lightweight, low-impact style.


We are a 501(c)3 federally registered non-profit program sponsored by Polartec, Patagonia, Outdoor Research, Grivel, La Sportiva, Asolo, MSR, and Innate gear. 100% of the work and mentoring is volunteer. Funds raised support the costs of mentors' travel, food, and lodging. The young climbers pay nothing except their personal expenses.


Recent mentors have included: Ines Papert (D), Jon Bracey (UK), David Goetler (D), Scott Backes(US), Steve Swenson(US), Raphael Slawinski(CAN), Vince Anderson (US), Bryan Gilmore (US), all of whom gave generously of their time, experience, and wisdom to help train the next generation of alpinists! 


The Baltistan Education Foundation

The Baltistan Education Foundation was conceived during an expedition to northern Pakistan's Baltistan region in 2004 and  is funded by a network of like-minded individuals from across the United States. The mission of the BEF is to provide financial support and educational opportunities to students in the region of Baltistan where many of Pakistan's highest peaks, including 4 of the world's 8,000-meter peaks, reside.


We initially created 3 individual scholarships given to promising young male and female students who aspire to a university education. We pay the salaries and lodging for two female primary-school teachers in the tiny village of Kande where they educate 45 girls five days a week.


Please email for more information or if you wish to make a donation.


Check out the Alpine Mentors website for blog posts and trip reviews or follow us on Twitter or 



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