In September 2009, with Patagonia Books, I published my first book Beyond the Mountain.


Beyond the Mountain

Beyond the Mountain is comprised of stories spanning 18 years of my climbing and personal life. The book starts with the dramatic tale of attempting the 13,500-foot (4,100m) high Rupal Face of Nanga Parbat (26,660', 8125m) and ends with the story of my ultimate success on that great mountain. That 2004 climb drove me to re-examine the highs and lows of life as experienced by a man who has set out to become the best alpinist and climber he could become. The 17 chapters in between the first and the last document the journey.


"There are no words of the "climax" on the summit, no words of victory. Instead, Steve tells about suffering through freezing cold bivouacs, the discomfort of high-altitude, the deep emptiness after a high success."

Reinhold Messner

Best Mountain Book Steve House
In Beyond the Mountain, leading alpinist Steve House uses gripping first-person narrative and internal reflection to explore the dimensions of a craft admired by many but truly understood by few. High-level alpinism is an art in which the stakes are high and the rewards can be great. Those who pursue it face the very real threat of death, to themselves and their partners. But even in moments of success when the training, preparation, intuition, and conditions overcome the odds there can be other costs. These are the gaping inner voids that emerge in the wake of intense experiences and achievement, the desires for new and more ambitious goals to fill the spaces, and the difficult longing for partnerships of connection, synergy, and shared meaning…. House brings us on a wonderful journey in this book connecting the stories of his ongoing growth and development as a climber, his dedication to climbing the hardest routes and the quest for simplicity of style,and shares deeper understandings and insights into failure, loss, and the elusive and ultimately transient nature of success. He writes as equally of the things that happen on the ground as those that happen on the mountain; what happens in the mind along with what happens in the body. In a world where climbing literature is often filled with details of heroic technical difficulty, or descriptions of the relationship between people and mountains as one of conquest, Beyond the Mountain takes the road less travelled. House takes the same approach he advocates for in alpinism — that of innovation, boldness, honesty and simplicity and uses it to produce a story of lasting depth. And just as it has been with his groundbreaking climbs, so it is with this book. He has risked and succeeded. Jon Popowich
Winner of the Boardman Tasker Prize

Reader Reviews

Steve House is an excellent writer as well as excellent climber.

M. Morine


In reading Beyond the Mountain, I felt as if I'd been invited in a witness to some of the most intimate moments in a man's life.

A. Phillips

I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys well written, interesting stories.

Z. Scott Winston

Steve seems to have put all of himself into this work, writing with a psychological honesty that is uncommon.

Brad .S.Williams

Thank you!

Training for the New Alpinism

A Manual for the Climber as  Athlete

Available in February, 2014.

Scott Johnston began coaching me in 2003 and over the next two years my climbing abilities skyrocketed. In 2010 Scott and I began outlining this book; distilling the lessons we learned through applying state-of-the-art athletic-training principles to my alpine climbing goals. Three years of work has resulted in an in-depth translation of what we learned about training for alpine climbing. We worked hard to create a manual for any climber, of any ability, of any fitness level. We want you to be able to use the same techniques, strategies, and exercise progressions I used. We want you to harness the same benefits I saw in my climbing.


Training for the New Alpinism is a manual that guides you in constructing a simple, progressive training program lasting from six weeks to a year and beyond. The book has been heralded as a road-map to greater alpine climbing success for climbers of all abilities.


Book Trailer coming soon!

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