I began working as an aprentice mountain guide in 1991 and earned my AMGA-IFMGA mountain guide certification in 1999. In 2010 I teamed up with my friend and long-term climbing partner Vince Anderson to run a premier boutique mountain guide service in North America. We specialize in custom trips off-the-beaten-track destinations as well as private expeditions to the world’s finest peaks.


Experience the true spirit of Alpinism:

Adventure, Challenge and Partnership.


Vince and Steve, 2005.
Skyward Mountaineering

We feel obligated to share the view toward climbing that counts ethics, courage and aesthetics among its virtues.


We want clients to feel as if they shared a rope with a partner.


We can design for our clients a sequence of trips and training that ramps up in difficulty and commitment level.


We want our clients to feel rewarded by being able to meet the challenges of the climb.


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