During my life as a professional alpinist and mountain guide I have climbed some of the most difficult routes on the most dangerous mountains. I have experienced both great successes and the lowest lows; and walked away wiser. These adventures have become the foundation for engaging, thoughtful and inspiring story telling. My drive, enthusiasm and one-pointedness to become the best climber I could be led me to experience what success is worth and what it means to lose many climbing partners, friends, and almost my own life.


I share three different lectures:



Nanga Parbat and Beyond


CORPORATE AUDIENCE. Risk and Opportunity.

Lesson's from the world's tallest mountains

(always customized to your specifications)



Training Basics for Alpine Climbing

Inspiration through experience and re-examination

Public Audience // Nanga Parbat and Beyond

Climbing Nanga Parbat’s Rupal Face: Steve House’s fifteen year quest and a milestone in alpinism. Falling from Mount Temple: Near-death and a new perspective.

Steve begins by taking his audience with him up the tallest mountain wall in the world: Nanga Parbat’s Rupal Face. In 2005 Steve and Vince Anderson spent six days ascending this difficult four-thousand-meter wall; arriving at the summit an hour before sunset on their sixth continuous day of climbing. Six months later Steve and Vince were awarded the Piolet d’Or for the best climb of the year.

Steve lets the audience in on the doubts which followed him on his expeditions and climbs for the next decade: Is one the sum of his accomplishments? What is the value of success? Why risk everything to climb a mountain? And how this big success caused him to dread his next performance.

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Corporate Audience // Lessons from the world's toughest mountains

Climbing Nanga Parbat’s massive Rupal Face was a milestone in mountaineering history. To accomplish this climb took over a decade of focused preparation and training. Five years later, a fall from Mount Temple: Steve House nearly dies and in recovery, discovers a new perspective.


To optimize the effectiveness of this presentation it is always customized for your event.

As Steve takes his audience with him up the tallest mountain wall in the world he shares this thoughts on how:

  • Crisis shows you new capabilities.
  • Lessons learned from failure are the keys to major success.
  • Simplification increases performance.
  • Harnessing crisis to initiate and sustain critical change.
  • Uncertainty is the disguise of opportunity.


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Climbers & Mountaineers // Training Basics for Alpine Climbing

In February 2014 the book Training for the New Alpinism hits the shelves. Co-authored by Steve and Scott Johnston, this 464-page guide leads you through the required knowledge and simple steps of building and executing your own training plan to achieve your climbing goals. In this 90 minute lecture Steve summarizes crucial training concepts, shares personal anecdotes, and answers your questions.

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