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You are invited to a custom nine-hour course taught by Steve House and Scott Johnston, authors of Training for the New Alpinism. This lecture-based class is designed to enable you to plan, execute, and modify as needed, an intellectually-sound training plan for all mountain endurance sports including Climbing, Alpinism, Mountaineering, Ski Mountaineering, SkiMo Racing, and Mountain Running (up to and including ultra-distances).


This workshop is ideal for mountain athletes and future athletes with and without prior training experience. Steve and Scott will teach you how to apply proven training theory in a structured way to most effectively train for your mountain sports. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Realistic, relevant self-assessment
  • Short and long term goals: Process vs. Outcome
  • Proven methods for improving your aerobic capacity
  • Specificity in training, when, where, and how to incorporate
  • Monitoring recovery and training states
  • Fatigue and how to manage it
  • Speed and its relation to strength
  • Strength training for endurance and uphill athletes
  • Specific workout design and programming
  • Use of for planning, recording and analyzing workouts particularly for improvements in aerobic capacity and carried fatigue


No prior experience with organized physical training is necessary. All fitness levels welcome.


Join us and change your mountain performance forever.






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November 13 or 12, 2016

Classroom location is:

TrainingPeaks HQ,  

7007 Winchester Circle, Boulder, CO 80301



$ 50 Discount until October 31, 2016                        $349.00

General Registration Fee until November 12, 2016      $399.00